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Rare collectibles are profitable, there’s no doubt in that statement, the PFC40 chart tells a story. 

Paul Fraser ’40’ collectibles index

How profitable depends on many factors of course, you could auction an item with a value you estimate at $30k only for it to go on and realise 10x your initial target because the ‘right’ buyer was in the room!, or you could be lucky enough to own fractions of a collectible that there is an ‘event’ connected to that propels the demand of your fractions to higher levels. 

Getting into rare collectibles is traditionally expensive. the items themselves are not cheap, and of course if you are keeping them at home there are all kinds of factors to consider, including transportation, storage & insurance. 

But, there is another way to participate in this exciting market. Fractional ownership!, the benefits of fractional ownership are huge. 

  • Makes expensive collectibles more affordable/accessible.
  • Build diverse portfolios of fractions.
  • Participate in the profit only usually experienced by more wealthy entities.
  • Communities build around the item that has been fractionalised.
  • No need to have concerns over storage/security.
  • Buy parts of the things you love and have pride of ownership. 
  • Take pride in ownership of a culturally/historically significant item.

Traditionally fractional ownership is where a company is created around an item and ‘shares’ are sold as fractions. 

We have applied the same principal using Blockchain, the shares are represented by NFTs, creating an immutable fully transparent ledger of all of our fractions, this adds even more benefits:

  • Access to a global market
  • Added liquidity
  • Public transparency, tracking your fractions movement from inception.
  • ‘Locked in a blockchain’ provenance documents and certificates.
  • The ability to diversify your collection.

The value of these Physical Item NFTs are locked in the value of the actual item. so there’s no real ‘risk’ associated with buying a fraction as you can see from the chart at the start of this article the value of rare collectibles goes up over time, as well as offering FIAT currency payment we also use the stablecoin USDC for our fractions so there’s no risk of market volatility affecting the value of fractions. In our pioneering and unique business model we have an option to buy your fractions using Debit/Credit cards so you don’t even need any blockchain knowledge! 

Kurt Cobains Hair, click the image for more details

So, first of all, you will have to be fast. our first 3 items are up and they are selling. Would you like to become a part owner of a fantastic rare collectible? 

For now the price is $100 per fraction, $100 for a verified fraction of a real rare collectible! (limited quantities available)

Do not miss out!, I personally own a decent amount of every item, I intend to pass the fractions on to my children. 

Mick Jagger handwritten lyrics. Click the image for more details

We are currently on memorabilia and we have 3 fantastic unique items available, take a look at both of our sites below, you can start building a unique rare collectibles portfolio with as little as $100! 

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P.P.S. If you have any questions about our products and/or want to book a call to be in the exclusive ‘Block ownership’ presale we have coming up soon please feel free to send me a D.M.! 

Paul Simpson