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CollectorLabs is wholly owned by Paul Fraser Collectibles, specialists in highly collectible and rare manuscripts, coins, stamps, luxury watches and movie, music and iconic autographed memorabilia. Paul Fraser Collectibles currently holds the world’s largest private collection of rare collectibles.

CollectorLabs is the brain child of Paul Fraser and Mike Hall, experts in the collectible field for over 40 years. They had a conviction to bring together fractional ownership of rare highly valuable and collectible items with Blockchain and NFTs, opening access for the opportunity to own a part of highly sought after icon collectibles – which we be out of reach for most mortals.

What’s more, these fractions will become a series of sought after NFTs, but not just your average NFT, the value of the NFTs are in the actual physical items, which carry genuine value, with proven provenance, which are stored under high security in climate controlled vaults in the Channel Islands, UK.

Another attraction for Paul and Mike was the security of blockchain technology, locking down and permanently storing critical provenance, authenticity and ownership documentation. In their collectible career, one of the hazards faced by any collector is safely retaining the provenance of an item. Without this, the value can be highly eroded as it subject to market evaluation – even if they knew the item was genuine. Every fraction we sell comes with all this documentation which is emailed to you and, of course, locked in our blockchain with your NFT, where it cannot be tampered with or lost – a permanent record of your acquisition.

However, they needed a blockchain guru to get the project off the ground…enter Paul Simpson, Iberian DJ and blockchain nut since it was invented. Paul, who had lost out on an offer of a $400 Cryptopunk (within a year it was valued at £4.4M), and had mined bitcoin, driving his wife to the point of dispart, with banks of mining equipment, guzzling electricity and over heating the home (yes he had to get rid of it all), came on board. His invaluable knowledge and genuinely boundless enthusiasm, commitment and energy, has brought Blockchain verified fractional ownership to you.

There was great debate which item we should put up as for grabs first and we settled on the Queen of Pop herself. Madonna’s Stage Worn Knickers from her 1987 world tour, “Who’s That Girl”. This provocative and engaging item caused a storm in UK national and regional press as could be expected! The first item in any collectible series is always the most sought after. Of course it’s not all about the knickers, its about becoming part of this exciting and ground breaking journey, opening a new era for the Blockchain world.

We hope you join our journey democratising the ownership of physical rare collectible items.