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Mick Jagger's Handwritten Lyrics

Handwritten lyrics by Mick Jagger on both sides, in blue ballpoint ink. All our physical items are securely stored and insured.

100.00 USD per PINFT

100.00 USD per PINFT

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Mick Jagger's Handwritten Lyrics

  • A rare set of Mick Jagger’s handwritten Rolling Stones lyrics
  • Written for a previously unknown, unpublished song
  • Believed to date from a significant period, circa 1965
  • Current “Whole Item” Appraisal: $20,000

A small sheet of lined paper, featuring handwritten lyrics by Mick Jagger on both sides. Jagger has written the lyrics in blue ballpoint ink.

Sheet measures 5 x 8 inches, and remains in excellent condition.

This unsigned set of lyrics is believed to date from 1965, during the earliest days of Jagger’s career as a songwriter. In September 1965 Jagger and Keith Richards wrote the original Stones song ‘Sittin’ on a Fence’ during a tour of Ireland.

Notably, the song features the line:

“But there is one thing I could never understand,
“Some of the sick things that a girl does to a man”.

The present manuscript features the almost identical line:

“I said my little girl, you wouldn’t understand,

“Some of the sick things a girl does to a man”.

It’s highly unlikely that Jagger would later reuse an identical line from a song the Stones had already recorded. Which directly points to him writing these lyrics before he wrote Sittin’ on a Fence, prior to September 1965. As such, this manuscript is a significant piece of Rolling Stones history, written by Jagger during arguably the most important period of his songwriting career.

In 1965 The Rolling Stones had their first original #1 hit, and make the transition from a blues cover band to a pop band famous around the world. Jagger and Keith Richards went on to become one of pop music’s greatest songwriting partnerships.

A superb piece of rock and roll history.

Provenance: ex Stanley Gibbons.