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Searching for a gift idea for someone who seems to have everything? Looking for a timeless gift that is generational?


As the festive season draws near, we find ourselves on the brink of another magical Christmas. The air is filled with the promise of joy, and what better way to make this holiday season truly unforgettable than by giving the gift of a lifetime? Imagine the excitement on your loved one’s face as they unwrap a present that transcends the ordinary—a gift that not only captures the essence of their passions but also offers a unique and thrilling investment opportunity. 

This Christmas, we present to you an extraordinary and exclusive opportunity:     Fractional Ownership of Rare Collectibles.     

Why Fractional Ownership?

 Fractional ownership allows you to own a piece of history without the hefty price tag. It’s the perfect blend of passion and investment, giving you access to rare and sought-after collectibles that were once only within the reach of a privileged few.   

The Gift of Rarity   Our carefully curated collection includes rare one of a kind objects , each fractional ownership share comes with certificates of authenticity and ownership, plus a printable version to frame, ensuring that your loved one is not just receiving a gift but a piece of history.  

Act Fast – Limited Fractions Available!

Here’s where the urgency sets in.  The fractions available are extremely limited, in some cases we have only double digit quantities left! This is your chance to secure a share in some of the most coveted collectibles on the market. Act fast before these opportunities vanish, leaving you with a Christmas to remember.    

Some Benefits of Fractional Ownership:

Affordability: Our fractions are just £80 each.  (Strictly limited quantities available)

Diversification: Spread your investment across a range of rare collectibles for a well-rounded portfolio. 

Access to Exclusivity: Own a fraction of high-value items that were once only accessible to a select few. 

No Maintenance Hassles: Enjoy the perks of ownership without the headaches of maintenance, storage, or insurance. 

Potential for Appreciation: Watch your investment grow as the value of these rare collectibles appreciates over time.

How to Get Started:

Explore our Collection: Visit our website here to explore the carefully curated selection of rare collectibles available for fractional ownership.   

Choose Your Fraction: Select the collectible that resonates most with your loved one’s passions and choose the quantity that fits your budget.   

Secure Your Share: Act fast to secure your share before they run out! Once these fractions are gone, the opportunity will not come around again.   

All of our fractions are backed by the world renowned Paul Fraser Collectibles, and are also available on the Paul Fraser Collectibles Site here    

Create your own fractional gallery

This Christmas, make a statement with a gift that goes beyond the ordinary. Give the gift of fractional ownership and let your loved ones unwrap a piece of history.     

Warm regards, 

Paul, Collectorlabs.

P.S. Our fractions all come with full provenance, certification, and a printable copy you can mount in a frame.