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Madonna's Stage Worn Knickers ‘KISS’

These fabulous Knickers were worn by the Queen of Pop during her 1987 world tour show. All our physical items are securely stored and insured.

100.00 USD per PINFT

100.00 USD per PINFT

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Madonna's Stage Worn Knickers ‘KISS’

  • A pair of costume knickers created for Madonna for her 1987 Who’s That Girl tour
  • Superb condition
  • Housed in a striking 41.5 x 27.5 inch display
  • Current “Whole Item” Appraisal: $30,000

Incredibly rare with cast-iron provenance, this is the quintessential piece of Madonna memorabilia. Red. See-through. Emblazoned with the word “KISS”.

Worn by Madonna during the song ‘Dress You Up’ in which she sported an outfit inspired by Dame Edna Everage. Madonna reveals the knickers during the song, removes them and then performs an erotic act with them. These knickers have been screen-matched to footage of her performance.

View a video of Madonna’s performance here:

If you collect music memorabilia, this item is absolute gold. Madonna wore these knickers during the song ‘Dress You Up’. She performed it every night of the 38-date tour, as part of a medley with classics ‘Material Girl’ and ‘Like A Virgin’.

During each show Madonna flashed her underwear to the crowd, before whipping them off and cavorting around the stage. It was part of an amazing show, combining choreography with video screens and dozens of costume changes.

Today the Who’s That Girl tour remains one of Madonna’s finest hours, it turned her into a global superstar. Madonna is the most successful female artist of all time. She’s sold more than 300 MILLION records, and grossed $1.31 BILLION in ticket sales. She’s also been banned from MTV, and censured by the Pope. Twice.

Madonna has always courted controversy throughout her career. That’s who she is. Creative. Provocative. Fearless. A remarkable performer with the power to shock and surprise us.