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Spoiler alert: How to own a piece of the past using a tool of the future.

We are going to show you something amazing.

Take a physical rare collectible example, let’s say a lock of Kurt Cobain’s hair, this anti establishment rock legend from the 90s fits perfectly with the anti establishment nature of the technology we will use to offer this unique piece of rock music history to anyone in the world.

The old and the new.

Traditionally a collector or a dealer would buy this rare collectible item for let’s say $30k, a dealer might split the hairs up and sell them individually and turn the overall retail value into $80–100k. A collector will lock it away in a private vault and it’s possible it would be quite some time before it saw the light of day.

There is a new way to do this!

We will take the item and issue $100 USDC NFTs, each one is verified as an actual share in the item. In the case of a $30k item we would issue 300x $100 USDC nfts. Now everyone in the world has an opportunity to own a piece of the item and it’s on permanent public display on an immutable public blockchain. The age old issue of disputable provenance is solved as all the items provenance stays with the NFT as unlockable content.

Why are we doing this?

How many problems are we solving here? There are many, perhaps the most prevalent is the fact that these rare collectibles deserve to be distributed and more of the public deserve a chance to own them and to participate in a solid market sector with solid returns that is usually reserved for the wealthy.

Being the first!

We firmly believe we are breaking new ground in the rare collectibles and NFT worlds, we are combining the traditional with the futuristic.

History will show us that a select few have had the chance to be the first in various technological advances including blockchain & nfts.

Right now we are at the time of best opportunity. Which typically has given the highest rewards. Our launch item will one day be coveted as the First ever set of PiNFTs.

You have that opportunity and you have it now.

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