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Tim Huynh

Design & Social Media

Tim Huynh’s journey to CollectorLabs has been marked by his unwavering spirit as a young individual with a passion for design and story telling.

Embracing a non-traditional path, Tim chose to take a gap year from Vietnam, believing that personal growth and experience were more crucial than acquiring a degree at that particular moment. During this transformative year, he ventured into the realm of freelance work, encountering remarkable individuals who imparted valuable life advice. Over three years, Tim has honed his skills in navigating the ever-changing social media landscape, mastering the art of captivating audiences and driving meaningful connections.

Motivated and armed with a keen understanding of the marketing landscape, Tim embarked on his academic journey, graduating from the University of the West of England with a commendable 2:1 BA in Marketing.

Tim is excited to work for CollectorLabs, where he contributes not just his social media expertise but also his advanced design talents.

Weekends are spent chatting with his pals about their shared interests, as he never gets bored of communication and connection.